Sep 10 • 32M

Parenting Authors Go Live- Franki and Christina Hillsberg author of "License to Parent"

Christina and Franki talk about being first time authors, parenting and more

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Franki Bagdade M. Ed. LLMSW
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When Christina and I first met over instagram and talked about supporting each other as new authors of parenting books, I asked her what our books had in common. She replied, “I promise there isn’t anything.” I thought that was a strange response, until I read her fantastic and unique book!

“Christina knew right away that there was something special about the way Ryan was parenting his kids, although she had to admit their obsession with surviving end-of-world scenarios and their ability to do everything from archery to motorcycle riding initially gave her pause. More than that, Ryan's kids were much more security savvy than most adults she knew. She soon realized he was using his CIA training and field experience in his day-to-day child-rearing. And why shouldn't he? The CIA trains its employees to be equipped to deal with just about anything. Shouldn't parents strive to do the same for their kids?”

Listen to this episode as we both share stories behind our books, laugh and commiserate about parenting and more!